This is Sofia Malagoli, founder of Modena Life Style and general manager at Acetaia Malagoli Daniele.


After graduating from high school, Sofia Malagoli starts to study Civil Engineering at University of Bologna as her father wants.


Yet, after her first year of University, Sofia has the idea to turn Daniele’s hobby (her father) for DOP Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena into a business.


Sofia spent the first six years of life in her mother’s family hotel.


There, she used to spend lots time with many people who had different backgrounds and nationality. Even if her dad wants her to be a civil engineer like him, she doesn’t feel that job into her heart and for this reason parallel to the study at Uni, she starts her own business.


Welcoming people and sharing time with them is a feeling very rooted in Sofia's blood; she can't spend her own life closed in a office working on projects and math formulas without any relationship with international people and a different environment.


Thanks to her entrepreneurial spirit and the support of her mum, Barbara, she starts to promote the Acetaia and her family's DOP Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena not only among family and friends.


She starts planning events at the Acetaia, welcoming local and international tourists and building a solid network. Now, she offers many food&automotive experiences that authentically make tourists live as locals visiting some of the greatest companies of the area.


Sofia also is the responsible for promotion and events at the DOP Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Consortium and thanks to that, she's very often involved in teaching to students (not even only in Italy, but also abroad) what the product is. Especially this activity represents for her a great opportunity to learn and being always updated on what people need to appreciate local products. She can therefore plan targeted activities with always a open eye on people's needs and their changes.


Now the cliente at the Acetaia is 90% not-European.


Furthermore thanks to her entrepreneurial personality - supported by a very good skill in Public Relations - people begun to ask her a help in support of their own business. 


After some first friendly collaborations, she decides to found Modena Life Style, which is actually focused on Public Relations & Events.


Sofia works, as external consultant, for many prestigious companies. She's focused on company needs', but what is truly special of her, is that she makes them all as often as possible collaborate together in order to improve their own network.


As she always says, the only one way to do a good job is playing the match together. And this is what she always does. No team, no game!


Last but not least, Sofia Malagoli is the editorial coordinator of "Il Balsamico - L'Oro Nero di Modena (The black gold of Modena)". This is a prestigious book on the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (PDO and PGI) patronized by all the competent institutions, by the municipality of Modena and by the Emilia-Romagna Region. What is truly fantastic of the book is that international chef supported it creating a recipe to share new ways to enjoy the Balsamic Vinegar. Furthermore Massimo Bottura - which does not need any presentation - supported Sofia’s project writing an emotional preface on emilian territory and its excellent products.